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  1. The man who played (Nissan) Figaro

    The Figaro wasn't Randy's first JDM-car. He started off with said Nissan Pao, a sort of Volkswagen Thing pseudo-army-style hatchback based on Nissan's Micra subcompact. It came in the early days of the Japanese grey market cars (vehicles older than 15 ...
    Источник: http://autos.sympatico.ca/features/14212/the-man-who-played-nissan-figaro
  2. eBay watch: Retro-style Nissan Pao car

    When people talk about retro Japanese cars, it's always the Nissan Figaro that gets a mention. But the Pao, also made by Nissan and designed by Shoji Takahashi, has much to offer too. For a start, it's a car that is much less common outside of Japan ...
    Источник: http://www.retrotogo.com/2012/09/ebay-watch-retro-style-nissan-pao-car.html
  3. Nissan rappelle 51.000 véhicules

    Nissan a décidé de rappeler 51.000 véhicules dans le monde pour enquêter sur un possible défaut sur leur volant, a annoncé un porte-parole du constructeur automobile japonais. Ce rappel volontaire a été décidé après que le conducteur d'un crossover ...
    Источник: http://www.lefigaro.fr/flash-eco/2012/09/13/97002-20120913FILWWW00613-nissan-rappelle-51000-vehicules.php
  4. Daimler : voitures avec Renault-Nissan ?

    Le constructeur allemand Daimler songe à produire des voitures de la marque Mercedes-Benz avec le tandem franco-japonais Renault-Nissan, son partenaire depuis 2010 dans la production de véhicules utilitaires et de moteurs, selon le Financial Times ...
    Источник: http://www.lefigaro.fr/flash-eco/2012/08/23/97002-20120823FILWWW00267-daimler-voitures-avec-renault-nissan.php
  5. Telegraph.co.uk

    The Andrew Marr Show unveils new Vespa scooter in opening title revamp

    It replaced the last sequence, which screened each Sunday for the past six years, which showed his morning route to work at TV Centre while driving in a similar “retro” coloured Nissan Figaro car. Yesterday the corporation released a picture of George ...
    Источник: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/bbc/9516000/The-Andrew-Marr-Show-unveils-new-Vespa-scooter-in-opening-title-revamp.html

Nissan Figaro CARS Getting More Popular.

and was on their ramp await­ing inspec­tion. I was really pleased that I could now dis­cover what the car was, it was a Nis­san Figaro. This car was first intro­duced in Japan at the 1989 Tokyo motor show and was based on the Nis­san Micra. The car only came out in four colours, Topaz Mist, Pale Aqua, Lapis Grey and Emer­ald Green. To date I have only seen the Emer­ald Green cars here in Yorkshire. At first the car came under a spe­cial project name as “back to the future”...
Источник: http://www.pellonautocentre.com/blog/?p=3798

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Купить ниссан фигаро | gruz-msk.ru
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Купить ниссан фигаро | gruz-msk.ru
Купить ниссан фигаро | gruz-msk.ru
Ниссан Фигаро
Ниссан Фигаро
 ... Ниссан Фигаро, обои, отзывы владельцев
... Ниссан Фигаро, обои, отзывы владельцев

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